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Easter in Saxony

After the sub-zero temperatures and the snow, the start of spring finally sees the first few sun rays gleam in the sky, meaning Saxony's Easter festivities are just around the corner. Children particularly enjoy the adventurous hunt for hidden sweets in the garden and painting colourful Easter eggs every year.

There's a lot to discover in Saxony during the  Easter period, and its people celebrate the festivities with a number of customs. This includes igniting the Easter fire, fetching the Easter water, and egg rolling in Bautzen. Children love painting and decorating Easter eggs.

The Easter riding processions are another special custom in Saxony. Following the Sorbian tradition, these processions between Bautzen and Hoyerswerda announce the Easter message. According to Christian beliefs, Good Friday is a day for reflecting on Jesus Christ's crucifixion. Easter Saturday symbolises the day of burial, and Easter Sunday is when people finally celebrate Jesus' resurrection.

As this also marks the end of 40 days of fasting, there is a lot of delicious food to enjoy. Particularly popular are lamb, rabbit and salmon, as well as Easter bread and other sweet temptations for afternoon tea. Tables are painstakingly set and houses are festively decorated. But regardless of how people choose to celebrate Easter, it's a holiday for the whole family.

Saxony offers a number of great options for spending  a fun Easter together. The state palaces, castles and gardens organise a wide range of recreational events, including Easter at Rammenau Baroque Castle or Moritzburg Castle, over the Easter weekend and during the subsequent school holidays. A number of Easter markets, e.g. in Leipzig, Schwarzenberg and Bautzen, invite visitors to join in the traditional Easter egg painting or music and games, while Dresden and Leipzig zoos provide some animal enjoyment.

Easter and its importance

Szene eines Schattenspiels vor aufgerissenem Himmel, welche die Kreuzung Jesu andeutet.

Easter is one of the most important feasts on the Christian calendar. (© Burkard Vogt/ pixelio)

Easter customs in Saxony

Bunte, filigran gearbeitete sorbische Ostereier in einem Körbchen.

Saxony is home to a number of active Easter customs. (© dpa – Bildfunk)

Information about the Easter riding processions

Zahlreiche Osterreiter reiten in Paaren aus den Dorf heraus.

Sorbian Easter riders announce the joyous news of the resurrection. (© dpa – Bildfunk)

Easter excursions and event tips

Kinder liegen im Gras und suchen Ostereier, der Osterhase sitzt zwischen ihnen in einem Körbchen.

A ride on the Easter Bunny Express or Easter fun at the zoo - you'll find great things to do at Easter in Saxony. (© dpa – Bildfunk)

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