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Wellness in winter

Ein Aufgusseimer mit Schöpfkelle steht in der Holzsauna.
Saunas and thermal spas in Saxony: Unwind and enjoy the soothing warmth while it's cold and frosty outside.  ©

Low outside temperatures are conducive to more than just sporting activities. Winter is also the season in which you can consciously do something for yourself and your body to re-energise and recharge the batteries. A temporary time-out – for wellness.

Two factors are particularly important in staying healthy – mental and physical wellbeing. And that's precisely what wellness strives to achieve. The aim is to become balanced through relaxation and a conscious approach to food and exercise. The range of options here is virtually endless.

Warmth and water are especially helpful for relaxation and wellbeing, which is why saunas and thermal spas are now so popular. Therapeutic spas in particular enable you to not only soak and warm up, but also completely recharge, with masks, massages and even mud baths soothing both the skin and the soul. After a few days, you'll feel like a new person!

This sort of wellness holiday can be enjoyed virtually all over Saxony. Many hotels have their own wellness facilities, though the state's recreational and therapeutic spas also offer a wide range of options. There's something for everyone here. So take some time out, and be indulged by Saxony's wellness services!

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