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Other winter sports


Schlittschuhläufer auf dem Teich vor der Kulisse eines Barockschlosses.
Ice-skating amidst the baroque backdrop of Moritzburg Castle.  © manuschmidt78 / Fotolia

The frosty winter temperatures transform Saxony's lakes and ponds into glittering sheets of ice. Even some of the tiny rivers end up creating the perfect conditions for ice-skating - recreational fun for all ages.

Ice provides a number of different options for skaters. Among the most popular are putting one's stick and puck skills to the test with ice hockey, dashing over the ice in speed skating, or gallantly pirouetting away with some figure skating. Not that it has to be a double loop. Some simply enjoy gliding gently over the ice and having fun with family or friends.

But as nice as ice-skating on natural ice is, it can also be dangerous, which is why it is always important to check the solidity of the ice layer before starting. If unsure, it doesn't mean you have to give up your winter fun. Saxony has a number of ice pavilions and artificial outdoor rinks you can skate on. And if you don't have your own skates, you can hire a pair here at low cost.

Ice pavilions and stadiums in Saxony

Ice stock sport / Curling

Curling-Steine liegen auf dem Eis.
Concentration, technique and tactics. These characteristics are what make the winter sport of curling unique.  ©

If you're looking for some unusual winter fun, have a go at ice stock sport (»Eisstockschiessen«) or curling. Both sports are becoming increasingly popular here, with interest in curling having risen dramatically ever since its inclusion at the Olympics and having being broadcast live on television.

The aim of each game is to get the gliding ice stock or curling stone as close as possible to a target. In ice stock sport, the difficulty lies in the fact that the puck-like target, known as the Daube, moves on the surface.

In the case of curling, two teams compete on the ice and also try to displace their opponents' stones. Both ice stock sport and curling are precision sports, demanding great skill from players.

Saxony is becoming home to more and more clubs and ice pavilions offering these sports. Try them out for yourself!

More information on ice stock sport and curling

Ice fishing

Vorbereitung zum Eisangeln: Ein Mann bohrt ein Loch in die Eisdecke des zugefrorenen Sees.
It's important to have a systematic plan in place before heading off ice fishing: One unplanned step and you can end up digging yourself into a hole.  © Frank Waßerführer / Fotolia

Ice fishing is another winter experience generally permitted on all bodies of water featured in the Saxon Waters Directory (Sächsisches Gewässerverzeichnis). With a bit of luck and the right bait, you can score a great catch even in winter.

Every fishing-permit holder is responsible for their own personal safety and the safety of others. It is important that the ice holes are no more than 20 cm in diameter, and that the hole is clearly marked and secured when you leave. You should also carefully check that the lake or pond has actually frozen over and can be walked on. The local fishing associations will be glad to provide you with information on this.

Saxony's waters

Saxony's Waters Directory is available as a PDF file from the Anglerverband »Elbflorenz« Dresden e.V.

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