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Saxon Christmas traditions

Be it Ore Mountain wood carvings, sweet treats or the great miners' costumes, Saxony is full of rich traditions which particularly come to life at Christmastime.

The state and its people are primarily shaped by mining. The Ore Mountains and Christmas, with parades and festive miners' processions, as well as the tinkering wood carvers, whose handicrafts are on display everywhere in the late evening, when windows are festively adorned with candle arches, angles and Christmas stars.

The pre-Christmas cheer also includes delicious Saxon treats. But did you know that gingerbread was originally meant to serve as medicine? And Saxony is home to another traditional bakery product, the Christstollen fruit loaf.

All this is only designed to give you a taste of what to expect. Over the next few pages, you'll find all the interesting facts you need to know about Saxon Christmas traditions.

Christmas treats

Photokunst eines schwebenden Stück Stollens.

The Christstollen is perhaps the most famous Christmas bakery item. (Photo ©

Mining traditions

Bergmänner in festlicher Tracht während einer Parade.

Miners' parades are an integral part of the pre-Christmas period in the Ore Mountains. (Photo © dpa - Bildfunk)

Traditional wood art

Filigran gearbeitete Holzfiguren, die zusammen eine Formation von musizierenden Engeln bilden.

Ore Mountain wood figurines are hand-made with great attention to detail. (Photo © Flexmedia / Fotolia)

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