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The »Dampfbahn-Route«

Karte der Dampfbahnroute mit gekennzeichneten Haltestellen.
The historic narrow-gauge train stops in a number of cities on its journey through Saxony.  ©  Projekt Dampfbahn-Route

Only in Saxony can you take a narrow-gauge steam train to the finest corners of an enchanting state every day, all year round. In doing so, you'll experience art and cultural highlights, world famous traditional crafts, premium wellness services and unique natural beauty with all kinds of opportunities for an active holiday.

No other region in Germany or beyond has such a vibrant cultural heritage of historic railways, with five daily narrow-gauge rail services, three other steam-operated display trains, a number of museums, monuments, and well preserved artefacts from more than 170 years of railway history.

As a holiday route through the Free State, Saxony's DAMPFBAHN-ROUTE is not just a railway guide for adventure-seeking guests; it also showcases gourmet dining, atmospheric accommodation, and experiences for the whole family. From the Muskauer Heide to the winter sports region on the Fichtelberg, from Moritzburg Castle near state capital Dresden to the Zittau Mountains Nature Park, Saxony's DAMPFBAHN-ROUTE interconnects unique holiday regions.

Explore the land of steam trains for yourself!

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