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Leipzig Region

The entire region looks like a moving sea of earth. They're simply surges, each bolder than the next.

Heinrich von Kleist

The Leipzig region offers everything the heart could possibly desire, be it castles, lakes, heaths or cities. The pulsating metropolis of Leipzig and a varied natural and cultural landscape, such as Saxony's castle district and heathland, coupled with a popular lake landscape, have everything covered.

The »Valley of Castles« is steeped in history and stories. The Rochlitzer Berg, for example, was once an active volcano. Over the centuries, the originally loose ash material formed a crimson rock whose warm hue today gleams from a number of churches, castles, palaces, mills and bridges in the area. Palaces and castles nestle amongst an enchanting natural setting along the vale. The Zschopau River near Waldheim has cut to depths of 70 metres into the tableland. Craggy cliffs alternate with narrow valleys, wooded hillsides and rolling wetlands. Perched atop a steep rocky outcrop high above the river is the 600-year-old Kriebstein Castle.

The region has always been one of Saxony's most charming holiday destinations. The Dahlener Heide, Wermsdorf Forest and Elbauen wetlands are source of relaxation close to nature, and provide an excellent network of trails for extensive hikes. Leipzig's »Neuseenland« lake district, meanwhile,  is the perfect place for bathers and watersport fans.

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»Eine bunte Drehung« video for the LEIPZIG REGION

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